यू कैन टर्न द व्हील ऑफ फॉरच्यून - उमेश पाण्डे You Can Turn The Wheel Of Fortune - Hindi book by - Umesh Pandey
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यू कैन टर्न द व्हील ऑफ फॉरच्यून

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प्रकाशक : भगवती पॉकेट बुक्स प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2007
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You Can Turn The Wheel Of Fortune-A Hindi Book by Umesh Pande

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Our ancestors have suggested large number of remedies for the well being and betterment of all human beings which have been described in our mythological literatures. These remedies are simple to perform but unpractical due to shortage of time. Now a days people are referring to several remedial science, for example : Vastu Science, Feng-sui & Astrology but they prove costly, a middle class person is unable to use any of these. In view of the difficulty, the remedies which have been stated & described in this book are practicable to perform & very useful at a negligible cost, Applying these remedies one can experience positivity gradually. I have also tried to explain the scientific reason behind the various experiments mentioned here in the book. However, many scientific reason behind these simple experiments are in chaos. The readers can experience only the results and can get health, wealth, peace and prosperity. This is what I believe.

I am very thankful to Sri S.K. Choudhary for his kind cooperation in making the manuscript of this book and fixing the concepts in an excellent way. I am also thankful to Sri Rajiv Agarwalji (Bhagwati Pocket Books) for bringing this book among the readers.

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