हिन्दुस्तानी एण्ड पर्शियो-अरेबियन म्यूजिक - दिव्या मानसिंह कौल Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music - Hindi book by - Divya Mansingh Kaul
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हिन्दुस्तानी एण्ड पर्शियो-अरेबियन म्यूजिक

दिव्या मानसिंह कौल

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Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music

Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music

Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music

The medieval period was noteworthy in Indian History for the migration from time to time of peoples and races from West and Central Asia, into the Indian Sub-continent; this influenced the political and cultural panorama resulting in a harmonious blending of cultures. This book discusses and captures this closeness and commonality between two rich and profound music cultures of Persio-Arabian Region nd India. Its broad canvas covers the following concepts and aspects of music, which would be of interest to student of music as well as the lay reader:

  • The historical perspective of Hindustani music and the music of the Persio-Arabian Region.
  • Description and comparison of the melodic mode, Maqam and the Raga.
  • Fusion and blending of the Magan and Raga, in the medieval period in India.
  • Striking resemblance of Iqa with Tala, the metric units of the two music systems.
  • Existence of similar instruments, whether they borrowed from each during the course of evolution.
  • The emotional element, Tasir and corresponding Rasa.
  • The ornamentation techniques Tarkib, Tahrir and Gamak having identical elements.
  • The folk music of the two regions sharing common sociological dimensions, revealing common practices and customs.
  • About the author

    Dr. Divya Mansingh Kaul, born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, was initiated into Hindustani Classical Music at an early age, as she belongs to a family, who are great lovers and patrons of music. She studied Psychology, Journalism and then pursued a short career in banking. Since then she has been a homemaker, finding fulfilment in music.
    She has received her Alankar in Hindustani Vocal classical music from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, and a Doctorate in Hindustani Vocal classical music from the university of Delhi. Her interest lies both in theory and the practical side of music.
    She is married, with two sons and this is her first book.

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