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खजाना ऑफ हेल्दी टेस्टी रेसिपीस (सजिल्द)

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खजाना ऑफ हेल्दी टेस्टी रेसिपीस (सजिल्द)

Khazana of Healthy Tasty Recipes An English Book by Sanjeev Kapoor

Khazana of Healthy Tasty Recipes

Once again, the Master Chef Sanjeev kapoor has cooked up a book, which comes straight to the heart.

As Sanjeev kapoor books continue to overpower Indian kitchens, Kapoor's new book Khazana of Healthy, Tasty Recipes is precisely what the name suggests. Each recipe is fresh in its method as well as approach. The book is a healthy and delicious mix of a variety of recipes that are a part of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian or even Greek Cuisine. This gamut of recipes gives us a taste of dishes that re specifically healthy, containing the essential ingredients that we need for keeping fit, avoiding those that are harmful. It also shakes the common notion that healthy food is tasteless. These recipes range from the soups and salads to mouth-watering snacks and irresistible desserts. There is a wide variety of exclusive chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes accompanied by different kinds of rice and bread. These recipes just show us how to use the right amount of everything, how to savor the flavor of certain ingredients, how to avoid excess of certain others.

Each recipe also includes vital nutritional information about certain ingredients or methods. It gives us knowledge about how we benefit from what we are eating and also offers us tasty choices. This is a book not only meant for health conscious individuals or those with dietary restrictions, but also those who do not give health a thought, and love to enjoy good food.
It is a book that says understand food, relish food!

Happy healthy and tasty living!

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