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प्रकाशक : डी. पी. बी.पब्लिकेशन प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2008
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Learn How to Play Flute

Learn How to Play Flute - A Hindi Book - by Bharti Agrawal

Let’s Play Flute

History of music is older than the history of the human civilization. Primitive man, when he lived in caves, also sing, dance and use pieces of the stones, bones and dry wood as his musical instruments. But, now non of these are used as a musical instrument. Most of modern musical instruments are less than five hundred years old. Only flute is an exception in this field. Our lord Krishna was a perfect player of the flute. People of Nandgaon and Brij area were completely crazy for the playing of lord Krishna on his flute. Lord Krishna was born in Dwapar Yuga, so it is proved beyond any doubt that more than five hundred years ago, flute was played in our country widely. In Vedas and several other old religious and music books, description of the flutes are given at several places.

Maximum musical instruments are some changed and refined forms of an olden instrument. First tabla-pair was prepared by cutting a mridanga into two separate parts. Sitar is a refined from of the veena, while the guitar was prepared by making some changes in a African string instrument. When a new musical instrument is developed by making various changed in an old one. But flute in only one musical instrument, which did not changed. Although Shehnai, nafeeree, been and many European air blowing musical instruments are prepared on the theory of the flute, but the flute is super hit even today.

Main Features
•    Proper combination of flute with various musical instruments
•    How to play solo on the Stage
•    Selection of a good and proper Flute
•    Straight, Oblique, Karnataka’s and Tripura Flutes
•    European flute the piccolo
•    Shehnai, Shruti and Been
•    Tempoes and Rhythms with Raagas
•    English and Hindi Notes and Octaves
•    Practical practice of playing
•    Selection of holes for various notes
•    Change of notes on all holes
•    Top secrets of perfect players
•    Notations of selected ragas with features
•    Boles of rhythms with parts and signs
•    Notations of religious and patriotic songs
•    Six Gazals with five folk songs
•    One dozen evergreen super hit songs

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