हाऊ टु प्ले हारमोनियम एन्ड सिंथेजाइजर - ममता चतुर्वेदी How to Play Harmonium & Synthesizer - Hindi book by - Mamta Chaturvedi
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हाऊ टु प्ले हारमोनियम एन्ड सिंथेजाइजर

ममता चतुर्वेदी

प्रकाशक : डायमंड पॉकेट बुक्स प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2008
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हाऊ टु प्ले हारमोनियम एन्ड सिंथेजाइजर

How to Play Harmonium & Synthesizer An English book by Mamta Chaturvedi

How to Play Harmonium & Synthesizer


Music has a unique enchantment; an incomparable bliss which is not available elsewhere. It is instinct in everyone’s nature. Whether it is an occasion of joy or melancholy, man can’t help but expressing his emotions  through music. It reigns  in all activities of nature, Whether it is the cooking of the koel,  chirping of the birds, or gurgling of the flowing rivers. It carries every shade of human Emotions and creates an atmosphere of empathy in the minds of all listeners.

In music-particularly in singing or vocal music-the status of the harmonium or its modern version, the synthesizer, is unique. This is the basic instrument to begin the music lessons with. In fact, in singing, in instrumental music or even in dancing, the harmonium can create such spellbinding waves of music that may weave a magic.

It is the influence of that music that has resulted in the form of this book which is meant for our budding musicians having great interest but no knowledge. Written in an easy and simple language without using any inexplicable musical jargons, it is hoped that this book would received a warm welcome.

It is my good fortune to have been born in a family of musicians-particularly in the family of legendary Kaka Hathrasi , the founder of the Sangeet Karyalaya, Hathras. For many years I have been toying with the idea of doing such kind of music books giving the basics and most elementary but vital lessons to the young learners.

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