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प्रकाशक : रूपा एण्ड कम्पनी प्रकाशित वर्ष : 2008
पृष्ठ :456
मुखपृष्ठ : पेपरबैक
पुस्तक क्रमांक : 7025
आईएसबीएन :978-81-7167-350

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Hindi for Non Hindi Speaking People

Hindi for Non Hindi Speaking People

Hindi for Non Hindi Speaking People

Hindi for Non Hindi Speaking People is an original two-in-one monograph that covers grammar and serves as a reader for beginners. The book has virtually sprung from Kavita Kumar's long experience of teaching Hindi to foreign students of several nationalities. The book can be used both as classroom text as well as for self study. It is designed to meet the needs of the novice, taking him/her gradually to intermediate and upper-intermediate level of proficiency. The book can be gainfully used by fairly advanced students who, nevertheless, still make grammatical mistakes in speech and writing.

The book is a complete course in an easy-to-follow style comprising of a series of meticulously arranged and graded lessons(units) - a practical course that is both fun and easily comprehensible. A journey through the Hindi alphabets - its vowels, consonants, conjunct letters and phonetic transliteration, and through the sections of practice reading tailored to fit interesting and practical daily life situation in India. She explains everything clearly along the way with many opportunities to practice what you learn, gives exercises of reading based on rules explained earlier in the text, lists of antonyms and synonyms, sound words and phrases, and idioms and essentials of grammar dealt with a minimum jargon.

The book fulfils a long-felt need for a handbook on Hindi grammar for non-Hindi speaking people in or outside the country.

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